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Completing a new construction project?

When you are a business owner it is important to have a waste management service working for you that you can depend on. Unsightly piles of untended to garbage and waste can give your customers the wrong impression. Make sure you call us to schedule your pick-up schedule.

We offer reliable dumpster delivery and pick-up service. Keep your job site more orderly by having the right sized dumpsters available to dispose of all your trash and unused scraps.

Flexible scheduling, pick-up

Entrust E and K Waste with all of your commercial trash removal jobs. We understand that your removal needs may be unique compared to other businesses, which is why we are very flexible when it comes to our scheduling and pick-up service.


We dedicate ourselves to environmentally safe and sanitary waste management practices.

Businesses we serve

-Hotels and Motels


-Industrial Sites


- Factories



-Small Businesses

- And much more!

We are family owned and operated with over 20 years of combined experience in the trash collection industry.

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