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Turning your garbage into energy

Be rest assured that we only use local landfills that are environmentally conscious. These landfills separate recyclables and non-recyclables to help save the over-use of limited resources.

There are a lot of misconceptions that you may have about landfills. For as many risks associated to continuous landfill dumping, there are also many environmental benefits, including the production of energy. Call us for more information.

We use 3 convenient, local landfills

Lott Road Landfill:

5400 Dossett Rd.,

Eight Mile, AL 36613


Environmentally responsible landfills

Brownlee Landfill LLC

5239 Henry Rd.

Mobile, AL 33613


We are locally owned and operated and proud to serve residential owners and commercial lots in Wilmer and its surrounding areas.

Square Square

H & S Land Inc.

8700 Howells Ferry Rd.,

Semmes, AL